Calidad Creations' Colours

Here are the 12 Swarovski Crystal colours I use in my designs. 
They correspond with Birthstone colours and are therefore ideal if you are giving a special birthday gift.
All the crystals I use have an AB (Aurora Borealis) coating, which means they sparkle beautifully when the light hits them.
Roll over each crystal image and the colour name and month will be revealed.

WEDDING COLOURS The three colours I generally use in my Bridal designs are white, cream, and rosaline - as seen in first image below. 
However, as with all my work, I'm happy to use any colours you'd like for your wedding.

GENERAL DESIGN COLOURS  My general jewellery designs incorporate a variety of glass pearl colours - as in the pic below. 
Roll over each image for the name of the colour and click on the pic to enlarge. 
Should you see a design you like in one colour, but would like it in another then  please don't hesitate to contact me
to see if it can be made in another colour  and if I can, I will

These are the iridescent, acrylic beads I use in the Flower Girl Sets, along with  white, cream or rosaline glass pearls.
Roll over each image for the name of the colour